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The fresh farmer’s market restaurant!

Going to farmer’s markets to buy fruits, vegetables, meats, and more? Wondering where you can eat out that features some of the same items? Then you’ve come to the right place!

At Montano’s we’re serving up fresh, local foods you’ll love. We have produce coming from The Greenbrier in West Virginia, as well as Good Food Good People organics from Floyd, VA. All of our produce is hand cut daily, avoiding artificially gassed products. Our desserts are hand made from traditional recipes and our bread is baked daily by Alex Eliaddes, from Breadcraft Bakery. We outsource our seafood to a responsible, sustainable market, and we will be featuring meats from Border Springs Farms and Falling Water Farms.

We cook our own eye round of beef for our sandwiches, slow roast our own fresh turkey, and pickle and cook our own corned beef. We also make soups from scratch to eliminate unnecessary salt and sugars. We make all of our salads from scratch, including potato, white albacore tuna, chicken, macaroni, and slaw. We make our own hummus and tabouli as well! Even our dressings are homemade, including avocado dressing, apple coriander, strawberry vinaigrette, extra-thick blue cheese, spicy ranch, and more!

So if you want to feel good about what you're eating, then the Montano Family Restaurant is for you!

Buy Local

Remember, when you support your local Farm-to-Table restaurants, the money you spend stays right here and goes to support local farms! Every dollar spent is spread around 7 times throughout the area.

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